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Success Stories

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A young, medium-sized organization had a positive employee culture but recognized the need to retain that environment as the organization grew. We helped the organization gather and analyze data to develop and implement initiatives (e.g., employee competencies, recognition programming, activities and events, communication strategies) that promoted and celebrated a positive culture of high employee retention and growth.

The leadership team of a regional non-profit humanitarian organization was struggling to identify and prioritize initiatives. Their contributions to the community were noteworthy, but efforts were disjointed and unfocused. They needed external help to find a unified strategy to maximize their efforts. We facilitated a day-long strategic planning workshop, resulting in short- and long-term, measurable initiatives to maximize resources and enhance impact. The process enhanced the team's confidence, trust, and enthusiasm!

A serial entrepreneur had a brilliant-but-lofty business idea that would be a great addition to their state. However, to achieve success, the business needed community support. We facilitated strategic networking and communication initiatives to aid in developing the business’s board, leaders, and political allies. Ultimately, the company had a successful launch, and its growth is exponential.

A higher education institution was ready to take the next steps in its growth, but the strategies were unclear. Upon auditing the state of content delivery and emerging technologies, we implemented an enterprise-wide system that put the institution ahead of its competitors and streamlined processes, allowing for significant growth.

A landscaping company owner was ready to scale but struggled to determine and prioritize the difficult decisions necessary for growth. We worked with the owner to identify and analyze data to inform his choices, consult through the decision-making process, and ultimately help him achieve his growth goals.

As a community-based business organization, a regional chamber of commerce was looking to refresh its mission and priorities. We worked with executives from dozens of organizations to analyze and reframe the mission and vision and define new core values to underscore how that mission and vision would be fulfilled. We then held strategic planning meetings with various organizational governing bodies to develop and obtain approval for a comprehensive long-term strategic plan, resulting in a unified, transparent direction.

A solo healthcare practitioner wanted to transition from day-to-day client care to a role in teaching. He needed to scale his business and dedicate more time to the tasks that he found meaningful as he approached retirement. We worked with him to identify and implement strategies to help him achieve his professional and personal goals.

The owner of a large automotive shop let success get away from him. Drowning in disorganization, he was desperate to gain control of his business, which had just signed some huge new contracts. We worked with him to identify essential steps to prepare his company for the new business, develop and streamline systems, and improve accountability and communication. By adding increased structure and improving communication, he was able to eliminate duplication of efforts and speed up response times.

A leadership and learning industry guru was ready to expand his consulting business to include more services across expanded geographic locations. In our consulting role, we supported him in generating ideas, discovering potential threats to growth, removing barriers, and improving human resource processes. His efforts resulted in an expanded team and services.

The owner of a small accounting firm was passionate about quality and detail. While she was anxious to grow her business, she struggled to see how and sustain the levels she expected. We worked with the owner to prioritize tasks, define roles, and hire the right people to whom she could delegate, allowing her to grow her business, gain additional management and leadership skills, and not compromise quality.

A national non-profit organization in the higher education space had an outdated mission that did not align with its services or evolving goals. We worked with the executive committee to rewrite the mission statement to unite the leadership and clarify its operations.

A large business had a Google Reviews score of 2.8, potentially impairing its ability to recruit new employees and clients. We led an initiative to improve the business’s online reputation, which resulted in an increased rating to 4.1 over only four days.

A retail clothing business struggled to expand sales outside its local area and markets. We worked with the owners to revisit marketing strategies, define product lines, and identify new audiences while simultaneously improving internal operations.

A retail services business was launching, but the business partners disagreed on everything from the business's name to the products and services it was offering. We worked with the partners to help them negotiate needs and expectations, define their brands, and launch a quality business they were proud of.